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Inexpensive Hosting: How Much Hosting Disk Space Do You Actually Need?

Unlike unlimited bandwidth hosting, hosting disk space is a little more straightforward – its pretty easy to get a judge of how much hosting disk space you are going to need. Here’s some general guidelines:

A small to medium static site that doesn’t have a ton of graphics or photos will need a few megabytes.

A larger static site that is more graphics heavy will need on the order of tens of megabytes.

A dynamic site, such as one run by a CMS or blogging software like WordPress will need less than 100 megabytes.

A site with video or significant amounts of images could need hundreds of megabytes all the way up to gigabytes.

So, with these general guidelines, its pretty easy to see that most websites are in the 100 megabytes or less range. With most inexpensive hosting plans like the budget plan from Web Hosting Buzz offering at least a gigabyte, and often hundreds of gigabytes, the chance that a normal user would run out of disk space is pretty limited. If you are at all worried, then go with a hosting plan with at least 10 or 15 gigabytes, and in all likelihood that amount of disk space will be more than enough.

Many inexpensive hosting companies are now offering plans with unlimited hosting disk space, which is physically impossible to provide. If you look into the terms and conditions you’ll usually see a paragraph in the fine print that defines exactly what the limits on “unlimited” hosting plans are, and it is usually something like 10% of the hosting disk space, and 10% of the CPU usage, or something like that. While for most users, this 10% of disk space is effectively unlimited, since it would probably be at least 20 gigabytes, it still is not actually an unlimited amount. So, if you are going to have an unusual site with tons of videos or other media, then trying to use an “unlimited” inexpensive hosting account is probably not going to work very well in the long run.


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