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Use two different companies for your hosting and your inexpensive domain registration

I think there is a pretty common misconception that it’s a great idea to use your inexpensive hosting company to buy your web address. Its true that when you do that it can be very convenient, since you’re only opening one account with one company and you don’t have to remember a password for both your cheap web domain registration company and your inexpensive hosting company. Also, many companies push the fact that they allow you to make your web domain purchase for free when you also buy inexpensive hosting from them, and a lot of those companies also push specific free domain and web hosting plans. Personally, I think this is a very bad idea – your web domain purchase should be dome with a different inexpensive domain registration company than your hosting company.

Here’s why: Twice, I purchased domains and inexpensive hosting together from a hosting company (the first one was Startlogic, and the second One&One), and both times I got burned by it. If something goes wrong with your web hosting, and you decide its in your best interest to switch hosting providers to a different inexpensive hosting company, then having your domain name registered with a third party facilitates the process greatly. If, for example, you have your domain name registered with a different company, then all you have to do is

1) Sign up for a new inexpensive hosting package with a different web provider,

2) Ftp up a copy of your website to the new web space,

3) Navigate over to your domain registrar, unlock your domain, change your DNS records to point to the new web space, re-lock your domain, and,

4) Wait overnight for all the various name servers around the country and world to update their listings.

5) The final step is to call or e-mail your old web provider, and cancel their service. They won’t have any power over you and you can be as forceful as you need to be in order to get your money back, etc.

If, however, you have your domain name and hosting with the same company, then the process is much longer and more involved. First you would have to figure out how to transfer your web domain away from the hosting company to a new name registrar, which could be a giant headache and may take over a month to do (this is exactly how it was with One&One). Then you would have to still follow the steps involved in moving your site over to a new web provider.

If you decide to open a new web hosting account before you have transferred your domain, even if it’s with the best web site host, then you are still at the mercy of the original company. With some companies, it is almost impossible to get them to point a domain registered with them to the hosting of another company (Startlogic was this way). Then, even if you are able to do it, trying to get your money back, or get the old web provider off your back is much harder when they still have control over your domain name.

Basically you’re negotiating from a much stronger position when you have a different web provider than your web domain registration company. Now you may say, “hey, I’m not expecting any issues with my web host – I’m just doing a simple web page and it should be the easiest thing in the world for them.” I thought the same thing to, however, and managed to have two terrible experiences back to back with web hosting providers…

I encourage you to take my advice – use a different company as your web provider than the company where you have made your domain purchase. Currently I use Web Hosting Buzz as my inexpensive hosting company, and the best place I have found for inexpensive domain registration is


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