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Welcome to the Inexpensive Hosting Resource

Hello, my name is Max Johnson, and I started this blog to help people find the best inexpensive hosting. When I started out as a freelance web designer, it took me way too long and caused me way to many headaches and wasted money to finally find a good hosting company to work with, and now that I have, I want to help people avoid all the problems and bad experiences that I had. To read more about my saga to find good inexpensive hosting, check out the posts in the History category.

For more info on what to look for in good inexpensive hosting, read the articles in the How to Choose Inexpensive Hosting category.

Finally, for a comparison of inexpensive hosting options and reviews on select companies, check out the Comparison: Hosting Companies category, or take a look at our sister site, dedicated entirely to web hosting comparisons.

-Max Johnson


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