Web hosting saga part 2: Whats wrong with the Startlogic Vdeck?

September 25, 2008 at 3:08 pm 1 comment

So, for my first client as a professional web designer, I decided to purchase a shared hosting account with a web hosting company so that I could host a number of websites (both mine and future clients). I went searching around the internet, and found a site that had a “top-ten web hosts” list. Startlogic was rated #2, and their comments read something like “best customer service in the field, with a great feature set.” Me being the inexperienced customer that I am said “wow, best customer service, that sounds great, just what I need,” and I entered my credit card info to make the purchase.


Bad sign #1: I waited for the welcome e-mail with my login info, and it took three days to show up. Shouldn’t they have it all automated and shouldn’t the e-mail get their immediately after I click submit?

Bad sign #2: The Startlogic Vdeck control panel is absolutely terrible to work with. They seriously need to hire someone with some user-interface design experience.

Bad sign #3: I was able to log into my hosting account, but the domain I had registered (for my client) wasn’t associated with the account and I couldn’t find the info for how to manage the domain anywhere in the Vdeck. Of course I had been charged for it…

Ok, so the beginning was a little rough. I send an e-mail to StartLogic about the fact that they charged me for a domain and yet it didn’t show up in my account.

Bad sign #4: It takes 6 days for an e-mail to get back to me from a customer service rep. And all the e-mail said was, “will you send the account details so that I can look into it?”

Hmm… It seems to me that from my e-mail and the fact that I sent them my username that they would be able to figure out which account is mine, and look into it without needing to hear back from me. If this is really the “best customer service in the field,” I can’t imagine what it would be like to see a company that was rated one of the worst!

So, I send back an e-mail with my account name and the other info the customer service rep asked for, and start waiting. At this point I’m still not too stressed, since I’m just working away on the website for the client, and I’m not going to need the hosting for a bit anyway, and I assume that the domain will show up in the Vdeck before too long.

Four days later, I get an e-mail back from a new customer service rep saying that he had looked over my account’s communication file, and that he would be looking into my issue. He said before he could do that though, that he would need me to send him my account information and the name of the domain that I had registered…

Uhh… So, this would be the second time that I had sent in my account information, and I had stated the domain I was having problems with in my original e-mail. Can anybody spell incompetent?

Now, I’m really starting to get annoyed with StartLogic and the horrible Startlogic Vdeck. I decide, however, to give them one more chance and send back an e-mail with the requested information and a note saying that if he had really looked over my communication file, he would have seen that I had already sent all the information he requested.

Five more days go by, and I finally get an e-mail back from Startlogic. Big surprise, its a new customer service rep – this time a woman. She says, “Hi, I’ve looked over your communications file, and I would be happy to help you with your issue. If you can just send me back the following information, then I’ll get right on figuring out what the problem is.” And then she asked for the domain name I was having trouble with!

I was beginning to wonder if this was all some sort of scam.

I sent an e-mail back. Here’s the text:

“Hi ———,

Yes, you can help me, but no I won’t send you the information you requested, because I don’t care about getting the hosting working anymore. I would like you to help me get my money back (as promised in you 30-day warranty), and to transfer the domain I registered with you guys over to Name.com. The customer service I have received has been terrible, and the hosting and domain that I purchased never worked for me, so I would like to cut my losses and switch over to a different host. Please send me back an e-mail with information on how to transfer over the domain to Name.com.


PS. Since I have some experience with the StartLogic customer service team now, I fully expect you guys to screw this up. Therefore I will send an e-mail and call the support desk every single day until my domain is transferred.”

Of course, after sending this e-mail, nothing happened for 5 days (and 5 e-mails and 5 calls), but eventually I did get my domain transferred to Name.com and got my money back. Why did I chose Name.com? I actually asked a friend of mine and he gave me the recommendation for them, and since then I’ve been more than happy with the service at Name.com.

Similarly, I ended up eventually (with a misadventure with One&One first) using Web Hosting Buzz, which has been a great web hosting company for me. Web Hosting Buzz has allowed me to cut through all the headaches and hassle, and provide exactly what I needed to keep me sane, and my client’s websites up and running. And unlike the horrible Startlogic Vdeck, the control panel interface for Web Hosting Buzz is excellent.

Finally, I would also strongly recommend keeping your domain registrar and hosting company separate. I know its very tempting to sign up for one of those packages that has a free domain included with the web hosting, but if anything ever goes wrong (as it did for me with both Startlogic and OneandOne) then its much easier if you have your domain with a different company – you can just make a backup of everything on the web server, cut your losses, and run.


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