Web hosting saga part 1: Overview

September 25, 2008 at 3:09 pm Leave a comment

My name is Max, and I work as a freelance web designer and developer (among other hats). When I started out as a web designer, my first client was a sculptor who wanted me to build him a gallery website for his sculptures (they were incredible). I had learned web design in my free time at school, and as such had always used the school’s servers to host personal or example web pages, so when it came time for me to build the sculpture site, I looked around on the internet to find a place where I could get some inexpensive hosting.

Naturally, since I was going to be paying for it out of pocket I wanted it to be inexpensive hosting, and furthermore, I wanted to be able to host multiple websites and domains on one account in order to be able to expand and do more websites for people. So, after doing some internet research, and looking at some of those “top-10” or “best hosting comparison” sites you see all over the place, I settled on Startlogic as the host I would use. Unlucky for me that I didn’t know any better…

Startlogic gave me the run-around like none other. Check out the Startlogic page for a summary of my experience with Startlogic. Fortunately I managed to get away from them with my money back and my sanity mostly intact. They are definitely NOT the best inexpensive host!

Next up on my mis-adventure was OneandOne. I also found them just cruising the net, and their price looked great, and I liked the fact that they were described as being the “biggest” and “number one” hosting company on the web. I figured that if they really were that huge then all those people must be satisfied to stay with them and keep signing up, right… Wrong. I can also emphatically say that OneandOne is NOT the best inexpensive host. Read about my experience with OneandOne here.

Now, I use Web Hosting Buzz and consider myself lucky to have found such a great host. I didn’t fully realize how lucky I had been in finding Web Hosting Buzz until I had done some more work as a web designer for clients who already had webpages, and I was forced to interact with their hosting. I came to realize that it wasn’t just Startlogic and OneandOne that were bad hosting companies – there were many others.

Sure, StartLogic and OneandOne had good features and good prices, but what they didn’t have were the customer service to back it up. In my experience working with many different hosts I have found that things always go wrong with servers. Its just in their nature. And having someone on the other end of the line to fix the problems when they arise makes all the difference.


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